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Powering Industry and Building Community

Our Mission

Impact was founded with the desire to build and support our community; to employ and foster local talent, to service local business and to give back to and take part in community initiatives. A strong community is good for business and a thriving business is good for community.

Incorporated in 2010 by partners Boyd Kampen and Tyler Gilchrist in their hometown of Rosetown, Saskatchewan,  Impact has since expanded operations servicing residential, commercial, oil & gas, mining and agricultural customers across West Central Saskatchewan and into Alberta. 

Beyond our cross-industry experience, our honest roots guide our conduct, and we believe that hard work and a job well done reflects all of us involved. This genuine commitment to our people and our craft is a core piece of the Impact culture – where we know that a job site runs smoothly when everyone cares about the details, and the quality of work is assured.

Our Values


We won't compromise our standards 


We are anchored by hard work and honest roots


We go above and beyond


We embrace all of our challenges

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Honest Roots


Community Impact

At Impact, we empower our people to make a difference in their jobs and in their communities. We support initiatives that benefit the people where we work, and we strive to involve local people in our business wherever possible. 

Look out for The Impact BBQ crew at community events across West Central Saskatchewan. 

We are also wholly committed to fostering local talent with our apprenticeship programs and welcome new hires to our business and to our community.

We are only as strong as our communities and our people. In all we do, we strive to strengthen them in any way we can and to make a positive impact.

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Our Team

  • Boyd Kampen

    President & Co-Founder
    As co-founder and president, Boyd oversees all business functions and plays an active roll in operations by ensuring everything is running smoothly. Read Full Bio +× Close

    Born and raised in Rosetown Saskatchewan, Boyd is a trained journeyman electrician and instrumentation technician with years of practical experience in the oil patch and the trades across the prairies. With the teamwork and leadership skills honed in his earlier Jr hockey career (Go North Stars!), Boyd and business Partner Tyler Gilchrist, returned to their home town to start up Impact Energy Services in 2010.  

    "Becoming the best can happen for a brief period with pure talent, staying the best takes hard work, focus and determination - and this is something I strive for personally and professionally and something that is instilled in our business."

    Today Boyd manages the team of up to 50 employees and proudly coaches his girls Reese and Harper's softball and hockey teams. 

    Count on Boyd to push the team further.

    Two lies and a truth: 

    1. Boyd is a scratch golfer 
    2. Boyd is a huge star wars fan
    3. Boyd married his high school sweetheart and she still likes him...

    Boyd Kampen

  • Tyler Gilchrist

    Tyler is a key mentor and coach for the team, providing support and training to ensure the ongoing success of the team while delivering a seamless service with the highest efficiencies possible. Read Full Bio +× Close

    "I strive to lead by listening to my team; by providing an environment where it is safe to share ideas so we can build and grow together. Decisions are made based on all of the information available and are guided by Impact's values."

    Count on Tyler to step to the plate at any time for anyone for anything. No matter what he has on the go, he will getter done right! Tyler is also known to over-order meals for the team resulting in leftovers for the month.

    Two truths and a lie: 

    1. Tyler is known for his technology prowess.
    2. As a kid, Tyler's family won a trip to Ottawa for the Canada Day celebration on Parliament Hill.
    3. Tylers Grandpa owned a general store in Fiske selling everything from groceries, to hydraulic hoses, to plumbing and electrical supplies.

    Tyler Gilchrist

  • Dion Harrabek

    Industrial Manager
    Dion leads up our Industrial team and is responsible for the management of oilfield instrumentation, panel shop and inventory. With over 25 years working in the electrical industry - Dion knows his way around a circuit board. Read Full Bio +× Close

    "My dad ran a small construction company he was a plumber and carpenter so I started working for him when I was very young. He always told me I could read a tape measure before I could read English." Says Dion. 

    Prior to joining Impact, Dion worked for a number of top electrical contracting firms including Kondro Electric, Cargill, and Guest Controls - to name a few and this experience has proven invaluable to our team at Impact. 

    "I strive to keep a positive attitude, not to make rash decisions, be open-minded and try to learn something new every day."

    Count on Dion to be a humble voice of reason and to be one incredible softball coach (we'll do the bragging in his behalf). Dion took his daughters team to win for Western Canada. 

    Two lies and a truth: 

    1. I am an above-average wake surfer
    2. I do almost all the cooking at home
    3. I have played in the ISC World Fastball Championships

    Dion Harrabek

    Dion Harrabek
  • Justin McGonigal

    Estimator & Project Manager
    Justin is Impacts lead electrical estimator and a master of budgets, timings and scope - ensuring projects stay in budget, on time and meet and exceed clients expectations. Justin was also Impact's very first employee.  Read Full Bio +× Close

    "Every day I strive to go beyond at my position producing accurate/professional estimates and manage projects efficiently."

    Count on Justin to be willing to help anyone out any way possible, especially Tyler with excel sheets.

    Two truths and a lie: 

    1. Justin is a volunteer firefighter
    2. Justin has travelled across Thailand 
    3. Justin is an avid horse rider and whisperer

    Justin McGonigal

  • Dean Derksen

    Estimator & Project Manager
    Dean is responsible for overseeing electrical projects from start to finish, ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget and are of the highest quality. Read Full Bio +× Close

    "I have a borderline OCD level of organization and a willingness to solve problems. I try to set the bar for work ethic and a positive attitude."

    Count on Dean to speak his mind and to always be there when you need him most.

    Two truths and a lie: 

    1. Dean was once chased out of a coffee shop in Venice, for not paying to use the bathroom
    2. Dean is a morning person
    3. Dean grew up on a farm

    Dean Derksen

    Dean 1
  • Fraser Cruse

    Electrical Foreman - Service
    Fraser is responsible for leading electrical service crew - ensuring our responsive team is there when it matters most. Fraser is also known to make a mean hog sauce... Read Full Bio +× Close

    Known for his ability to motivate a team, to tell a good (long) story and to make a mighty delicious 'hog sauce', Fraser approaches every new challenge with focus, determination and enthusiasm.

    "I have a wide range of electrical experience but I’m always ready to tackle something new - be it new technology, work I’m unfamiliar with or working out of town."

    Count on Fraser for his technical knowledge and willingness to guide his team through any electrical problem. 

    2 truths and a lie:

    1. Fraser has been in the trade for 20 years
    2. Fraser coaches hockey and ball in the community
    3. Fraser can't stand having a dirty vehicle 

    Fraser Cruse

  • Martha Cheng Martinez

    Financial Controller
    Martha manages the accounting department,  producing critical reports that reflect the financial performance of the company while keeping her eye on the bottom line so that we can keep delivering the best value for our customers. Read Full Bio +× Close

    Prior to joining Impact, Martha has had an illustrious career spanning continents and entrepreneurial ventures. From her home country of Nicaragua, Martha ran a wholesale clothing business, then moved north to Guatemala and then much further North to Canada running her own executive cleaning company while studying to become an accountant. From BC to Alberta and then landing in Saskatchewan, Martha joined Impact in 2015 and brings her love for the numbers and Latin flair to our prairie outpost. 

    Count on Martha for her hard work and for her willingness to lend a hand. 

    Two truths and a lie: 

    1. Martha loved the snow when she first moved to Canada 
    2. Martha bravely endured the 2001 El Salvador earthquake 
    3. Dancing is not Martha's thing 

    Martha Cheng Martinez

  • Jessica Willis

    Service Coordinator
    Jessica is the smiling face and helpful hand that keeps our customers happy and our team on track. Read Full Bio +× Close

    Jessica is responsible for a little bit of anything which happens to be a lot of everything - from managing our customer accounts to onboarding new clients to planning our monthly social events and co-ordinating our community BBQ schedule.

    Count on Jess to run a tight ship - with a smile.

    Two lies and a truth: 

    1. Jessica loves bacon
    2. Jessica enjoys spending time at her cabin at the lake
    3. Jessica is a serial half-marathon runner




    Jessica Willis

    Jessica Willis


Impact Energy Services adheres to the highest industry standards in safety, environmental stewardship, health and safety is a proud member of numerous accredited industry associations. 


  • Impact Energy has been instrumental in the design, build, and implementation of our state-of-the-art hemp food processing and CBD extraction facilities. At every stage in the process, they’ve been pro-active,  professional and always a pleasure to work with.

    Spencer Parenteau

    Blue Sky Hemp Ventures

    OUdPg0AQ 1
    Spencer Parenteau

    Blue Sky Hemp Ventures

  • Impact was chosen due to the calibre of their people, for the level of service, quality of work and for bringing the most cost-effective solutions to the table. Impact Energy is one of the most professional and enjoyable companies I have had the pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them for all your future E&I needs.

    Barry Curtis

    Crescent Point Energy

    Barry Curtis

    Crescent Point Energy

  • We work closely with Impact and what stands out most - is their dependability, the quality of their work and the role they play in our community. They have integrity and they care and it shows in the way the team conducts itself, day-in and day-out. 

    Ryan Wickett

    Western Sales, John Deere

    Ryan Wickett

    Western Sales, John Deere



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