A Decade Of Impact


A Decade Of Impact

From Honest Roots.

Impact was founded with the desire to build and support our communities - to employ and foster local talent, to service local business and to give back to and take part in community initiatives.

When we started Impact Energy Services back in 2010, this was our goal - not as eloquently written perhaps - but it was what we genuinely set out to do.  Ten years later, we can proudly look back on our accomplishments, the team we rely on and the world-class operation we’ve built up from our hometown and community of just 2500 people.  

This genuine commitment to our people and our craft is a core piece of the Impact culture, and I am so grateful for this team, our partners, our community, friends, families, pets  - you name it, for your support and your business. 

Lofty Ambitions from a One Car Garage. 

Just like Bill Gates, Impact’s ‘Origin Story’ starts in a single car garage and a couple of friends - Tyler Gilchrist and myself. But rather than vintage computers (more on technology later), we stored electrical supplies and worked all day performing electrical service work as well as contracting projects, and would invoice all night. 

I can still remember our first ever project, it was for the gentleman himself, Les Aylward (still a great customer today).  We were hired for a trenching project for a new electrical service. I recall Tyler and I running around the yard in full sprint ensuring we got the job done on time and on budget, doing everything we could to ensure Les’s expectations were met.  This commitment still rings true today and set the groundwork for our company values of: 

✔️Getting it Done Right

✔️Energy and Enthusiasm

✔️Stay Grounded

✔️Be Fearless

We wanted to revolutionize the service industry and provide our little town with a quality experience, and become a brand that they could always count on - no matter what. 

That “no matter what” involves a lot of different things and hard-working people behind the scenes. 

One such person was my wife Ashley - who acted as our dedicated accountant. Ash happened to be on maternity leave at the time so we managed to secure her services as a CA for a very competitive rate (free!) - instrumental in setting us up for future success. Two months in, we were also able to hire our very first (paid) employee. Whom we still employ and still pay...

Those first couple of years were a grind - physically, mentally and financially - but we never thought about giving up. 

Now, that's the thing about being a business owner just starting out; you have to be willing to put in more work than you are gaining at first with the hopes that it will pay off later on. And let me tell you, it certainly did.

Growing Up and Finding our Feet. 

The year 2012 was a pivotal point for Impact. Our hard work was beginning to show its value, and we were able to purchase a local competitor's assets, finally moving into our first real shop. Soon after, we made another monumental leap and hired our first real office team member and office mom, Alisa McGregor, who we are forever thankful for. We were also fortunate to have taken on two more team members upon purchasing the new space - Chris and Barry - who are still part of the Impact team today. 

With that success, we turned another page. In 2014 broke ground on our new shop in Rosetown on Loken Road, which is an 11,000 sqft. facility over almost four acres of land, housing 13 offices, extending our warehousing footprint, our inventory and our fleet. This gave us room and momentum to extend our service offering - launching our plumbing and heating division and growing our team to about 20 members.  

In tech we trust. 

In 2016, Impact Energy Services went through a significant cultural and technological change for the better. We began adopting and taking advantage of cutting-edge technology ( just like Bill Gates - see reference above), to streamline our operations. By leveraging the power of field tablets for project planning, real-time as-builts, change orders, etc., we were able to vastly improve communication between office, our field teams, supply chains, while adding real & tangible value to our customers. This was a game-changer for our business and staying on the leading-edge of technology trends in our industry remains vital to our ongoing success. 

As growth continued to rise and with the implementation of innovative technology, we opened yet another shop in 2018 in Saskatoon, dedicated to supporting projects and the management group. And yet again, we invested in a competitor’s assets in 2019 in Kindersley, setting up a flag there and taking on the employees that we bought the company from. Verne,  Leo and Staci we are so happy to have you as part of our team!

Pandemic, oil crashes and we doubled down.

Oh and then 2020 happened.  While you don’t need me to tell you it has been a rough economic year with a global pandemic and oil prices plummeting, we utilized the slowdown to refine our operation and service offering and to invest in improved efficiencies across the business. 

Meanwhile, we have our sights on several new strategic growth opportunities in our own backyard. 

  • We have become industry leaders for the ‘growing’ hemp and cannabis industry - applying our ag processing expertise while gaining specialized experience in building out CBD extraction facilities in a highly regulated industry. 
  • We recently became a CSA certified panel shop in Rosetown, and now specialize in VFD build-ups for pump controllers.
  • Impact is extremely well-positioned to play a pivotal role in the government's 4 billion dollar investment to double the amount of irrigable land in Saskatchewan - both in terms of supporting the irrigation project itself and in the agrifood spinoff opportunities that will result. 

Making a Community Impact.

The one thing that I am perhaps most proud of, is the role that our business plays within the community. From providing well paying local jobs and fostering local talent, to flipping burgers at community fundraising events and sponsoring grassroots sports teams - it feels good to give back and to support the community which raised us and we understand that a strong community is good for business and a thriving business is good for the community. 

Looking back and looking forward.

We currently have over 40 employees, 20+ trucks on the road, 3 locations up and running with big plans for the future. In fact, our goal is to employ upwards of 60 employees by the end of 2021 to support our Ag, mining, and oil & gas services for both commercial and residential clients across West Central Saskatchewan. And over the coming decade, we aim to have 15 locations established. It might sound like a big goal, but with the passionate, grounded, and fearless team we have, I am 100% confident we will reach it. 

Cheers to 10 years and for the decade ahead. 

Sincerely Boyd Kampen, 

Co-Founder, and President 




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