Don't Wait - Book Your Farm Projects for Spring, Summer, & Fall - Now.


Don't Wait - Book Your Farm Projects for Spring, Summer, & Fall - Now.

As a trusted partner to our agriculture clients, we are available to assist in project discussions before our services are required, anticipating needs and trends of upcoming seasons.

Just like the anticipation of the arrival of spring, we anticipate that over the next few weeks, a “busy” project building and execution season will be kicking off.

Project builds and renovations in agriculture almost always involve new electrical service, service upgrades, new amps, breakers, and panels – and, if not planned early, these important supplies and services have the potential to delay your project weeks or even months.

We are here to help!

Managing Timelines & Expectations

Here’s a bit more on supply chain updates that may affect your upcoming project.

Plan Early!

  • New SaskPower service– can take several months from application to installation, these are a moving target but timelines are growing.
  • All in one farm services– Although suppliers do try to keep stock, this is never guaranteed. Plan for 1 month lead time.
  • 400 amp I-line panels- 8 to 12 months.
  • Large Electronic trip breakers – 4 to 6 months
  • Branch Circuit breakers over 70amps – occasional issues, up to 2 months based on specific item
  • Transformers – no issues
  • Disconnect Switches - 4 months
  • VFD’s – No issues
  • Wire and Cable – no issues currently
  • Motor Control Centers – 8 to 12 months

When it comes to helping our agriculture customers with new projects and renovations around the farm, there are several ways we can assist, prior to the official start of the project.

How we Make An Impact in Agriculture Projects – Ideas & Design, Pricing, Execution.

Our work with our clients begins before we are awarded a job or show up on site. We support our current and potential customers by being available to go over ideas, and helping to find the best  and most cost-effective solution for the project.

We provide assistance on determining the most economical way to proceed with a project and help to establish realistic timelines.  

In short, we can help with design of an idea, pricing, and execution of any project.


What projects should be planned and booked in early to avoid delays?

Now is a great time - or as soon as possible, if only for a discussion to communicate your project needs, ideas, and timelines.

Reaching out early helps to mitigate risks in numerous agricultural projects, such as:

New bin installations or expansion of an existing Bin yard, including: new main service, new panel installation to power bin fans, augers, dryers, trenching new cable, and exterior lighting.

DID YOU KNOW - we can determine the size of service required for the customer free of charge!

New construction of outbuildings (Shops, cold storage, barns, etc), including a possible service upgrade from SaskPower if the existing main service is full.

DID YOU KNOW - we can help to figure out if a service upgrade is required for the customer free of charge!

Removal of existing overhead power lines and trenching new cables underground.


The Benefits of Booking Early.

Where possible, let us help with your idea or project before you need us on site – our team will ensure materials can be secured, realistic expectations can be set, and that any known lead times are communicated as soon as possible.

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