Think BIG - Careers In Trades Offer Unlimited Growth Potential


Think BIG - Careers In Trades Offer Unlimited Growth Potential

Our People are our business. 

Our internal talent is strongly correlated to our growth, reputation, and success as a business. It is our team and their enthusiasm and commitment to excellence that allows our business to live out our mission each day.  Therefore, we put a lot of thought and effort into the conversation “Why should anyone consider a career in trades?”. Recently, we experienced a HUGE WIN when we landed a new Apprentice who made the decision to come back to the community in which he grew up so that he could build a career in trades. Check out Grady’s journey to the Impact Apprenticeship Program below.


Grady, tell us a bit about yourself. 

I was born and raised in Rosetown. Summers were spent golfing and boating at the lake, and winters were spent at the rink. I still enjoy playing hockey and am part of Rosetown’s Senior Redwings team.

What led you to a pursue a career in trades, and back to the community you grew up in?  

Once you finish high school, at least in rural Saskatchewan, I think it is a common thing to assume your best future lies outside of your hometown. I originally thought I would search for a great education in a larger centre; but quickly found that it wasn’t providing me with the satisfaction I had envisioned.

I had a few buddies who had begun working in trades and had a lot of great things to say about it. When I spoke to Impact Energy about the career potential of going through their Apprenticeship Program, I began to see possibilities that I didn’t know existed. Tuition reimbursement and government grants were a couple of things that caught my attention; and I was really impressed to learn that through a growing company like Impact, I would have the opportunity to gain the skills and experience needed to be considered for leadership and management roles.

What do you find exciting or inspiring about beginning a career in trades?

I can’t imagine spending decades in a career where every day was the same. The diversity of work in terms of projects and people I find really exciting. I look forward to building a network of contacts across various industries, as well as getting to work with some of the best and most experienced team members in the trade.

As you begin to settle in to your new career path, what are some of your goals? 

I am still just getting my feet wet and taking in all the information about the Apprenticeship Program. My plan is to obtain my Journeyman’s ticket and learn more about Foreman and Project Lead roles in time. I am thoroughly enjoying the experience I’ve had so far working on Oilfield projects.

Our list of answers to the question "why choose trades" is long. Below are some resources to assist in making an informed decision, and understanding all of the opportunities available: 

Grants are available - yes, FREE money – as you complete your levels of training. Check out Apprenticeship Incentive Grants and Apprenticeship Incentive Grants for Women here: 

Tuition Reimbursement & Immediate Career Opportunities; as you complete your levels of training. on top of grant incentives, our Apprenticeship Program at Impact Energy Services offers tuition reimbursement opportunities and a guaranteed job as you move through the program. We invest in our people for the long-game, and this is just one of the ways we do that. Check out more information on our Apprenticeship Program here:

Apprenticeship Opportunities Exist TODAYwith great wages, flexible work schedules, living allowances for out of area work, RRSP matching, profit sharing opportunities, health and dental benefits, and MORE. Check it out here:


Please reach out to us with questions on how to begin a lifelong career in trades.



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