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Power up with EV Chargers

Impact Energy Services are proud resellers and installers of Electric Avenue Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers. Electric Avenue Chargers are designed for our Canadian Climate. These charging systems provide industry-leading innovative technology that manages the communication between your electric vehicle, grid, building and charger.

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Impact Energy Services Commercial

A Decade Of Impact

From Honest Roots. Impact was founded with the desire to build and support our communities - to employ and foster local talent, to service local business and to give back to and take part in community initiatives.

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CSA Certified Custom Panel Shop

Impact has been building panels in-house for over 4 years and custom VFD’s for the last 2 years. However, in March 2020 we gained our CSA certification to build custom panels to cCSAus and cULus standards, making us the only CSA approved outfit in West Central Saskatchewan.

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Impact Build Out of Blue Sky Facilities

How to Realize A Blue Sky Vision

In 2017, Rosetown based Blue Sky Hemp Ventures was founded with ambitions of becoming world leaders in ‘Whole Plant Utilization of Hemp’- harnessing the full value of the grain for superfoods, flower for CBD extraction and the stalks for a wide variety of sustainable industrial products.

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Paying it Forward Impact Energy

Paying it Forward to Support Local

PRESS RELEASE: April 22, 2020Local electrical, plumbing and heating company buys 100 gift certificates to support local business and is empowering other businesses to do the same.  

Impact Energy Services today announces the launch of their Pay It Forward To Support Local campaign.

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Impact Heat Trace Report Download

Winter happens. Especially on the prairies. Anyone who has experienced a Canadian winter knows that - like a pendulum they can see some extremely cold temperatures one week only to swing and have long periods of moderate climate the next.

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