District Yoga Collective

District Yoga Collective

Some like it hot!

The Challenge: 

In early 2021, Tracy Johnston and Ashley Kampen opened the doors to Rosetowns first hot yoga studio, District Yoga Collective, in a historic building just off the Rosetown Main Street. To accommodate Tracy and Ashley’s vision, the building would need to be stripped down to the studs, and built back to meet their envisioned aesthetic - minimalist chic - while incorporating the most sophisticated HVAC system on the market - to make it hot!

Who do you call for such a job - Impact Energy Services. Full disclosure:  Ashley is Boyd’s wife, but also fiercest critic (if a job’s not up to scratch), and biggest cheerleader (should he knock it out of the park).  Good thing it was the latter! 

The building back in 1987 - Courtesy of Rosetown Centennial Archives

The Solution (s): 

Infrared Heating 

After extensive research, Tracy and Ashley decided they wanted to use infrared heat for their studio. Impact is well versed in using infrared for preventative maintenance however - infrared for a hot yoga studio was a new area of expertise to master.   

We consulted with Darryl and his specialist team at Spectrum Infrared to provide us with a depth of knowledge, quality products and exceptional customer service. 

You see, Infrared heat isn’t all created equal. Infrared spectrum ranges from near to far spectrum. Near spectrum will warm the surface of objects, but it will not penetrate, while far spectrum infrared can penetrate the body up to 2”.  Many studies have proven the health benefits of far spectrum infrared for hot yoga as it warms the body from the inside out facilitating much greater flexibility and fluid movement of joints. And then there is fake infrared and like most fakes, it's really not as good as the real thing. 

Far spectrum IR panels were the obvious choice and Impact qualified 3 brands and ≈  landed on Ducoterra panels.The panels are capable of reaching 45degrees C and are controlled from a programmable thermostat that is wired back to staged relays enabling the class instructors to control the panels before, after and during class.  


Heating the studio was one challenge, but the next was ventilation. Without a traditional furnace with forced air, there was a need to  ensure the building would be able to expel stagnant air after classes. Air becomes stale if new air isn’t brought in and this is exacerbated after a steady flow of sweaty yoga classes!  Other than the obvious air quality issues, stagnant air can cause problems like bacteria and mold in the building structure - definitely not "on brand" for District Yoga Collective! The solution was a heat recovery ventilation system that heats and circulates fresh incoming air after classes. 

Air Conditioning 

Next challenge - Air Conditioning - because the studio can’t always be hot!  Without a standard furnace or forced air installed, Impact opted to install a mini-split air conditioner with a blower unit built in that would operate independently from the other HVAC equipment.

The Impact

District Yoga Collective opened on March 1st 2021 and is running hot! The studio looks fantastic and the HVAC system is a thing of beauty that does the important job of limbering up class participants in the hot studio, while keeping the facilities clean, fresh and comfortable in between. 

"Every time we step into the studio to instruct a class, we are amazed by everything our ceiling heat panels provide. Impact Energy really took the time and went above and beyond to understand our vision. Where our knowledge on heating options was limited, they were the experts who ensured we had a beautiful and functional heat source that checked off everything on our list of priorities: reliable and consistent infrared heat, energy efficient and cost effective, and beautiful aesthetics. Impact Energy also ensured we had an HVAC system that would fill the studio with fresh air after each class. They have been there every step of the way to answer our questions and ensure our studio is working perfectly. We really can't thank them enough! People are loving the classes, the space, the heat! Classes are booked up, and Ash and I are constantly trying to find time to extend the schedule out so more people can book! :)”

Tracy Johnston, Co-owner of District Yoga Collective 

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