Green Ag-Funding; How to get it and where to spend it

Green Ag-Funding; How to get it and where to spend it

Our agricultural partners are often the first to adopt new, more efficient, green technology - and for the savvy farmer - accessing funding for these investments is making this adoption faster and much more economical.

Earlier this summer, The Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, announced details of the new  The goal of this program is to support agribusinesses in their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote more efficient use of natural resources by focusing on three priority areas: 

  1. green energy and energy efficiency
  2. precision agriculture
  3. and the bioeconomy

We’ll be focussing on priority #1 - because that's where we come in!

How much?

Eligible recipients will have access to non-repayable contributions for projects that are at least $50,000 in total cost. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada will contribute up to 50% for projects with for-profit recipients and up to 75% for not-for-profit recipients. This funding stream will extend over five years, from 2021 to 2026, and will allocate $50 million specifically for the purchase of more efficient grain dryers for farmers across Canada and $10 million towards powering farms with clean energy and moving off diesel.

How to get it?

We can help. Impact Energy Services has extensive experience in helping our partners integrate clean technologies into their operations. We are also adept at identifying and accessing funding. We can assist in the application process to help you make the best case for your business. We can also help to phase projects to manage upfront costs while the application is in review. You can also apply yourself here.

Who is eligible?
  • for-profit organizations, including agri-food processors
  • not-for-profit organizations, including co-operatives
  • Indigenous groups
Where to spend it?

Specifically, this funding aims to support the purchase and installation of proven clean technologies and solutions that show meaningful reductions in GHG emissions and include:

  • energy-efficient, low-emissions equipment (for example, commercial grain dryers) where an efficiency gain can be demonstrated
  • technologies to power farms with clean energy (for example, fuel switching, such as conversion from diesel)
  • energy-efficient watering systems for livestock and irrigation systems
  • energy-efficient heating systems for functional on-farm structures like barns
  • heat pumps and frequency converters
  • solar panels and solar-powered technology, including for ventilation, farm equipment, sensors, etc.
  • All areas that Impact Energy is well versed in. Specifically, we’ll look at solar, grain dryers and facility build-outs. 
Going solar 

Our knowledge in the solar industry has grown quite a lot over the years. In fact, we completed our very first solar job back in 2011. Today, with 9 years of experience and over 1 megawatt of solar power installs under our belt, we have a sunny outlook on the industry and on Impact’s role within it. This federal funding is to support providing solar panels for farms that are in need of clean energy solutions - but cannot afford them on their own. Impact Energy Services offers renewable power purchase options as well.

Upgrading grain dryers

Grain drying is energy-intensive by nature. Fortunately, farmers have a few options for decreasing their emissions while cutting their grain-drying expenses. This is a win-win even before any funding comes into play. Just like solar, our knowledge of grain dryer efficiency has grown and changed over the years. Today we are able to offer a wide variety of solutions from installing new dryers to gas fitting, electrical updates, and maintenance and upgrades for your existing system.

Energy-efficient build design 

The funding will also go towards projects that demonstrate a move towards more efficient lighting, insulation, heating, refrigeration, and ventilation - our sweet spot. Impact Energy Services takes a synergistic approach to buildouts with energy efficiency at the core of our design. Whether retrofitting an existing farm or production facility, or building from scratch, our cross-functional team of electricians, HVAC technicians, plumbers, and project managers are able to set your project up for success (and for federal funding).

It ain’t easy being green - but we can help! 

Going green isn't just about replacing machinery, it can also be done by adopting new practices; implementing clean energy, and improving efficiencies across your operation. Impact has extensive experience in helping our ag partners increase efficiencies, lower costs and move towards greener energy- we are also experts at getting federal funding that could be spent on these types of initiatives.

We would love to partner with you in finding out how your farm can benefit from these funds. 


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