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Winter is coming... Keep warm, save money and stay safe this winter with Impact’s Home Heating Tune-Up. Our best-in-class, 15 point furnace inspections are designed to extend the life of your furnace, keep your family safe from gas leaks or fire hazards, and help you avoid frosty furnace malfunctions.  Proudly servicing Kindersley, Rosetown, and Saskatoon.

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Why you need one: 

Keeping your furnace properly tuned can prevent inconvenient breakdowns (and frosty mornings) and increase the life of your unit. Just like a car, regular maintenance is key to lengthening lifespan. With this knowledge, homeowners can save significant costs on unnecessary repairs or replacements. 

Save Money

With a simple tune-up, you can enjoy maximum comfort and lower energy bills. We'll look to see how we can ensure your furnace is working at peak efficiency so that you get the most out of your equipment while paying less on monthly heating costs. 

stay safe

Your furnace is your best friend in the winter, but it can quickly turn against you if not properly maintained. A regular fall tune-up will ensure that any potential problems are caught before they become dangerous. As part of our 15 point inspection, our certified technicians will check for cracks and leaks that could lead to danger like carbon monoxide poisoning or fire hazards. 

stay warm

Avoid a frosty furnace malfunction. We've all been there, but we don't need to go there again. An unserviced furnace has a tendency to lose function on the coldest day of the year - and in the prairies, we know cold. Get it serviced before you need it most to avoid emergency repairs.

Our 15 Point inspection includes: 
  1. Check, level and adjust thermostat
  2. Check all safety controls and electrical connections
  3. Clean and inspect burners and burner compartment
  4. Visual Inspection of heat exchanger
  5. Clean and check themocouple/flame sensor
  6. Clean and check ignitor/spark electrode/pilot
  7. Replace filters
  8. Inspect blower and clean
  9. Check and flush condensate drains/traps/
  10. Check venting for leaks/slope/support/debris
  11. Check for adequate combustion air requirements
  12. Lubricate all moving parts
  13. Cycle furnace and monitor ignition and flame
  14. Ensure adequate service access/clearance to
  15. Check temperature rise and adjust blower speed

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Impact Energy Furnace Install
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