Impact's apprenticeship program


Impact's apprenticeship program

Preparing graduates for an intensive career-track position. 

Impact was founded with the desire to build and support our community; to employ and foster local talent, to service local business and to give back to and take part in the communities we serve. Our investment in people and community is on full display with our celebrated apprenticeship program, providing one of the only hands-on training programs of its kind in West Central Saskatchewan that prepares graduates to enter into an intensive career-track position at Impact.

Investing in People - The Importance of an Apprenticeship

When we think of investment, we often think about a monetary transaction, but some of our most valuable investments are made with actions rather than dollars. We believe in investing in people and fostering talent with quality apprenticeships—not just to help individuals succeed and advance their careers, but also to help grow businesses, communities and our local  economy. 

Impact’s Apprenticeship Program - According to Dean

Starting an apprenticeship can be a big undertaking, so we’re here to break it down for you. We spoke one of our very own apprentice success stories, Dean Derksen, to share his experiences and advice for other job seekers and recent graduates looking to take on an apprenticeship program of their own - and why they should consider Impact. 

Q: So Dean, What can a new apprentice expect when they join the program? 

Dean: Impact has a well-rounded, hands-on program for learners who want to pursue careers in the electrical field. Our apprentices spend a few weeks learning from experienced journeymen and management until they show competence with both electrics and construction trades. Once this happens, they can register as an apprentice and take part in our formal training process - including rotating through all of our various sectors (commercial jobs, oil & gas sites, etc.). In addition to being trained by different journeymen during their apprenticeship, apprentices are given ample opportunity to learn new skills so that they're completely ready when it comes time for them to become Journeyman themselves.

Q: How does Impact's Apprenticeship program differ from others?  

Dean: What separates Impact's apprenticeship program from most other programs, is the breadth of skills and experiences that one can develop while working here. A smaller company may only provide an apprentice with vocational training, but at such a fast-growing and ambitious company - managerial positions are also available; all you need to do is put in the hard work to ensure your time here will pay off.

Q: Where do you recruit from?

Dean: We recruit from local high school, LinkedIn, Indeed and everything in between. Historically our best hires have come from word of mouth. But if you’re reading this now - feel free to apply here.

Q: What attracted you to apply for the program? 

Dean: Working in the electrical field seemed like a good choice out of high school.

It’s fun, engaging, and challenging and pays substantially more than a lot of other jobs available right out of school. There’s also a direct path to higher pay as you work your way through the apprenticeship program, develop applicable skills, gain work experience and earn relevant trade ticket in the process. 

Q: What were the highlights of the program?  

Dean: Learning skills that you can use in everyday life. I also love the community angle at Impact. I’m on the softball team, we sponsor lots of local events and we even have our own custom BBQ unit that we take to site, community events etc. Not only am I a master journeyman - but also a grill master. 

Q: Tell us a little bit about your career progression? 

Dean: I started as an apprentice in 2010, ran my own service truck as a fourth-year apprentice in 2013, became a journeyman in 2014, a project foreman in 2016, and a manager in 2020. 

Q: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 

Dean: I see myself as the manager of Saskatoon’s division. 

Q: Now as a manager - what types of candidates are you looking for when hiring new recruits? 

Dean: We are looking for hard-working, grounded, driven individuals. People who can have just as much fun at work as outside of it. 

Q: What’s your favourite part of this industry?

Dean: I enjoy the camaraderie and networking. The construction field is a relatively small network and electrical is even smaller. It’s been nice getting to know people from different companies and getting to work with them on various projects.

Q: What is your favourite part of working at Impact?  

Dean: Pride. Driving by one of our projects or a business that we service gives me a proud feeling that we were able to do something for our communities.

Q: Why should a graduate consider applying for the apprenticeship program at Impact? 

Dean: Simply put - it's a great place to work. Great people, rewarding work, career progression - and you can get paid while you learn the ropes. 

Thanks Dean!  


Impact’s Apprenticeship program at a glance:  

Q: How many do you take per year? 

  • Historically 5 to 10 per year

Q: How much does an apprentice make in their first year?

  • No experience about  $16/hr
  • It then raises each time you go back to school 

Q: Does school cost money?

  • At Impact, we pay the fees when you pass!

Q: Do I get paid while I’m at school?

  • Sort of. The government pays EI while you are enrolled in school.

Q: How long is the session at school

  • Approximately 2 months per year for 4 years. 

Q: Is there a guaranteed job at the end?

  • At Impact, we hire for the long game - so yes!

Q: Where are former Impact apprentices now? 

  • Many of them like Dean - are still with us today. 

Q: What roles are available after you become a journeyperson?

Typically work as a journeyman for a few years then become Foreman. The next steps are office roles or management roles…

  • Superintendent
  • Project manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Safety Manager
  • Service Manager
  • Estimator


Q: How do I apply? 

Please apply on the link below, or stop by in person with your resume to one of our locations. 

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